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Yugoblok is a global community for all who celebrate Yugoslavia’s legacy, cultivate its memory, and imagine its future possibilities.

Yugoblok is…


Yugoblok is a global membership-based community of people with an appreciation for Yugoslavia*.

Create a social network profile. Share news, updates, links, photos… Connect, socialize, and create groups with people around the world.

/blɒk/    noun   masc.

  1. a popular name for a residential neighborhood in the former Yugoslavia, especially in Novi Beograd [New Belgrade]. Usually numbered or qualified with a geographic designation, sometimes in plural.
    I live in Blok 70. My friend lives in Sava Bloks [Savski blokovi].
  2. a grouping of apartment buildings forming a quadrangle or other rectangular shape.
    This blok is desirable real estate. All the neighbors can see the playground at our blok.
  3. an ad hoc community of people living in a residential blok.
    On our blok we’re like a family.

Etymology: BCSM blok, pl. blokovi < Middle English blok (denoting a log or tree stump): from Middle French bloc (noun), bloquer (verb) & Middle Dutch blok; akin to Old High German bloh; of unknown ultimate origin.

Information Hub

An extension of the Remembering Yugoslavia podcast, Yugoblok is a information and learning (re)source for all things Yugoslavia—free to all, with members-only extras*.

Listen to the podcast. Read articles, essays, news, reviews, e-newsletters, or destination guides. Attend events.


Yugoblok is a publishing outlet for sharing your thoughts, stories, passion, creativity, projects, and a space for collaboration*.

Contribute writing. Add resources. Ask and answer questions. Share photographs. Hold events. Showcase art. Wear yugogear. Get involved.

Support System

Yugoblok is a safe space to explore your heritage, get encouragement or advice, and ask/answer questions*.

Participate in affinity groups and other members-only events*. Q&A the forums.

Travel Guide

Yugoblok is a guide to the lost country*.

Peruse destination guides, get advice on your itinerary. Take tours. Meet up with fellow travelers.

* Access to features is tied to membership levels.

—Jovana Radjuko, brutalizam i renesansa

Our team


Yugoblok is…YOU. A blok is only as alive and lively as the people in it.

Because “no one achieves anything alone.”

The Founder

My name is Peter Korchnak and I’m a yugophile. I was born in a country that no longer exists (Czechoslovakia) and explore the memory of another (Yugoslavia). Yugoblok grew out of my podcast Remembering Yugoslavia (2020–).

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Yugoblok is a global membership-based community.

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